Waiter / Waitress

July 18, 2018

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Job Description

Job Description

• Ensures to be present on time according to the pre-scheduled shift plan
• Manages opening and closing of the store if given responsibility in the related shift
• Makes sure that the product counters, patisserie general layout and storage area is well organized
• Organizes and stores all the products and consumables that come from the production facility
• Cleans all the store area including product counters, display units, furniture’s, devices, equipment’s, etc
• Controls the operational temperatures of the product counters/fridges periodically and informs the store supervisor accordingly
• Closely monitors the product counters, fills the product trays whenever necessary
• Greets and effectively communicates the brand’s philosophy and products to guests
• Provides assistance by giving information about the products
• Makes suggestions for the guests on product range when necessary
• Successfully completes the selling process according to the related packaging/service standards, follows the appropriate payment process, ensuring the guest satisfaction
• Determines the next work day’s operational needs and delivers the information to the store supervisor
• Passes all the necessary information to the colleagues of the following shift
• Runs the necessary controls prior to the store closing and informs the store supervisor
• Maintaining the FIFO (First In First Out) rule while selling
• Follows up the special cake order process by listening and recording all the guest requirements and communication with the production facility
• Pays great attention to personal care, ensuring presentable appearance
• Runs the other duties that are given by the store supervisor