Developing and launching a website is not the only task, the next step would be its maintenance after the website is up and running, regular maintenance is required to guarantee that it is operating effectively.

Website maintenance is the task of regularly checking and updating content, image mistakes on a website, and keeping it live 24*7. Website support is pre-essential for every website , regular maintenance is required to guarantee that it is operating effectively, is up to date, and is secure from cyber-attacks.

A well-maintained website attracts more audiences and improves the interest level.

How Can We Help ?

Website Maintenance Benefits

  • Software Updates: Websites are developed by software applications and many of the technology changes almost daily on the internet.
    Like your computer and mobile operating system, they need to keep up to date for better performance.
  • Security: An unmaintained website is like an open building for robbers who have nothing way to save their house.
    While maintaining and updating the website security program can save from malware and virus problems.
  • Adding/removing pages:An unmaintained websites have lots of issues and errors like broken links, dead pages, or outdated pages. A website page needs proper attention to attract an audience.
  • Remove spam comments: Another task of the website maintenance service is to delete all spam comments on a regular basis.
    Keep the latest version of PHP: For security reasons, your PHP version on the hosting machine must be updated to the latest stable version.
  • Database support and management: Website maintenance gives proper support to the website by taking backed up regularly.
    In case something happens as the website crashes we can start a website again with the help of the backup database.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is the first that every website owner asks the website maintenance company to understand what all features included in the website maintenance offer. We offer website maintenance services list includes: yearly website maintenance, hosting and regular updations.

The actual cost of website maintenance depends upon multiple factors: like the frequency of services required monthly, yearly, etc. It too depends on the website development technology: PHP, Laravel, .Net, Python, etc.

AMC stands for annual maintenance contract of the yearly website management services. You will be assigned a dedicated website manager to take care of your website.