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Too many candidates mistakenly believe that being called in for an interview is being guaranteed a position. Nothing could be further from the truth. You might be the last person on a shortlist of candidates. Your skills, knowledge, and abilities are good – but not a perfect match for the company. However, the hiring manager is interested enough to meet with you and allow you to sell yourself to the company.

Clearing an interview round is the last and the most critical step. An outstanding interview session requires effective homework, ideal presentation, and the right soft skills. This online course helps you to deliver an error-free interview. With its guided learning and instant feedback approach, this program empowers you with the confidence and the soft skills required for doing well in a session.

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Education Verification Benefits

  • Mitigate the risk of errors in verifying education and cost of a bad hire through consistent research methodologies that achieve fast results and an average education verification rate of 92% in the United States and 89% elsewhere. A Verification Plus option extends the research time up to 30 business days to facilitate a higher verification rate of nearly 100%.
  • Speed time to hire and reduce administrative costs by outsourcing time-consuming, screening tasks to a specialized team of verifiers located throughout the world whose average request turnaround time is 2.0 days in the United States and 7.2 days elsewhere.
  • Improve the candidate experience by demystifying and expediting the verification process via an easy way to upload documents, check status and receive alerts via laptop, desktop, smartphone and tablet.
  • Improve interviewing skills with expert guidance.
  • Get quality referrals from top interviewers.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Education Verification is a service from Kai Jobs  that allows employers to request verification of educational diplomas and certificates believed to be issued by respective universities and certification bodies.

We verify the educational background of a candidate, which includes enrolment, certification, and degree attained.

We cover all 199 countries around the world.

We accept payments through Bank Transfer (BCA,BNI,BRI,Mandiri), OVO, Dana, Credit Card (Visa,American Express, Mastercard), or your stripe account.

Universities and Certification Institutions.