Address verification is often considered insignificant by most applicants, but what they don’t realize is that most companies run an address verification to ensure the authenticity of your information and to track an employee in case of any organizational requirement.

Various fraud investigations show that there exists a huge discrepancy in the residential address that employees provide as it is quite easy to fake it. When you avail our Address Verification service, we send an investigatory officer on a visit to gather information on your whereabouts at the given address.

Once the address is verified, you will be issued a detailed report, which will easily give your profile/resume an edge over other applicants applying for a job. It will reflect genuineness and credibility and also give your prospective employer a positive image about you.

How Can We Help ?

Address Verification Benefits

  • Mitigate the risk of errors in verifying Address and cost of a bad hire through consistent research methodologies that achieve fast results
  • Speed time to hire and reduce administrative costs by outsourcing time-consuming, screening tasks to a specialized team of verifiers located throughout the world .
  • Improve the candidate experience by demystifying and expediting the verification process via an easy way to upload documents, check status and receive alerts via laptop, desktop, smartphone and tablet.
  • Improved quality of hire
  • Reduced negligent hiring risks
  • Enhanced regulatory compliance
  • Improved workplace safety

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Address Verification is a service from Kai Jobs  that allows employers to request verification of Address where the candidate is  living.

We verify the Address of a candidate weather the address( permanent/ correspondence ) provide by the candidate is correct or not.

We cover all 199 countries around the world.