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LinkedIn: International

Compared to other job boards or social networking sites, you may connect with people and opportunities more readily using LinkedIn.

However, you must have a polished, professional LinkedIn profile to get the greatest outcomes. “Kai-jobs” LinkedIn profiles will draw employers’ attention and prompt connections with other professionals.

How Can We Help ?

The following reasons highlight the significance of having a LinkedIn profile that attracts recruiters:

  • Your likelihood of getting noticed on LinkedIn by recruiters will rise if you use keywords in your headline, about section, work experience, and skills sections.
  • LinkedIn is routinely used by 77% of recruiters to find applicants.
  • When considering you for a job, 90% of recruiters will look at your LinkedIn profile.
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Why You Should Choose Us ?

  • Showcasing your strengths, abilities, and motivation.
  • Over 98% satisfied customers, Quality you can trust.
  • Our professionals do multiple iterations to write your profile and are bound to deliver on time.
  • Team of experts with 13+ years of experience to develop a resume.
  • Your career objective and goals are clearly articulated.
  • It is formatted and designed as per the latest industry trends.

A strong written profile is essential to any application process. This is an opportunity to demonstrate to prospective employers that you are the best candidate for the position. Differentiating yourself from the rest of the crowd is critical – and our Social Media profile / LinkedIn Profile writing service will definitely help you to achieve this.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Generally speaking, most people don’t reflect their value as well on LinkedIn as they express it in real life. The statistical wizards point to many profiles being only 50% complete, but in fact, it is far worse than that.
We have reviewed thousands of profiles for IT, FMCG, Construction, Oil & Gas professionals, law firms, accountants, sales teams, corporates, and global companies over the last ten years and the consistent feedback is “wow I never knew” or “I never thought of it that way”.

The most important thing is to be there and to use the platform fully. It is not a place where you can do a single thing to make it work but you need to take a holistic approach to it.

Yes, question done. But seriously it is hugely important. LinkedIn themselves did some research and found that you’re twenty one times more likely to be viewed if your profile contains a photograph! Twenty one times!

It also appears that you’re not the only one to think less of someone when you view their profile, as 86% of people polled on LinkedIn said they don’t trust someone they cannot see (that includes avatars and logos too!)

The biggest fear of users that I meet is that they do “it” wrong or say the wrong thing. This often causes such a fear that they do nothing.

If you imagine LinkedIn to be like a big room full of business people, for that truly is what it is, then think what you would say if you were at that networking event or mixer. The sorts of conversation you have about the work you’re doing, the projects you’re working on or what you did today – that is what you talk about on LinkedIn! It is just the same.

“Really enjoying working with the engineering industry where we helped them too….”

“Just finishing an aerospace project where we put 200 days of consultancy into a …”

“Tired out after three months straight in Dubai where I was …”

Just share these things in status messages and more.